If you’re like us (and hopefully you’re not EXACTLY like us, cause, well, that would be boring if we were all alike, but we digress, so let’s just say we share some things in common shall we?), then you like to look at something other than just room photos of the lodging facility you’re considering visiting. A few photos of the grounds and the total experience are nice to peruse through to give you a better feel for some of the things you’ll see when you visit us. We’ve divided this page into two sections – one for the Motel and one for Stratton Falls. Please note a big part of The Roxbury at Stratton Falls is the trail and waterfall experience – so we gave that it’s own page. You won’t see those photos here. It would create too much redundancy, and while it’s a fun word to use, redundancy is a bad thing – unless you’re talking back-up fire alarm systems, but we digress again…

The Roxbury at Stratton Falls

The Roxbury Motel