Welcome to The Roxbury. Our mission is to give you a one-of-a-kind destination where you can relax, recharge, and reconnect with your sense of wonder. But most of all, we want you to have FUN. Our bespoke theme-rooms, suites, and cottages are constructed with details designed to delight and our setting in the lush Catskill Mountains of New York provides the continuing restorative power of nature in every season.

We invite you to use this website to explore our sister properties that are two miles apart from each other – The Roxbury Motel and The Roxbury at Stratton Falls. They are our babies, our pride and joy, and our life. If you are a repeat guest, we look forward to seeing you again. And if you are a new guest, we would be so honored to share all of The Roxbury Experience with you. Either way, we hope to see you soon!

– Greg & Joe

Our Rooms!

Our rooms are what we’re all about. If they do not give you an experience unlike any other hotel you’ve ever seen, then we haven’t done our job. Explore our three main areas!

Tower Cottages at Stratton Falls

Make a Wish

Mansion Rooms at Stratton Falls

Seeing is Believing

Rooms at the Roxbury Motel

Get Carried Away

More Ways to Have Fun!

Engage, Elope, Mini-Moon

We don’t do big weddings but oh lordy is this the place to pop the question or make it legal!

Share your Love

Ski, Hike, Eat, Play!

Our corner of the Catskills is hopping! Check out our guide to the top attractions in the area.


Watch the Waterfall

Watch our live webcam at the beautimous Stratton Falls 24/7!


Gift Certificates

Give the gift of The Roxbury Experience. They’ll be glad you did.



Your wedding, your film, your proposal – have we got some locations for you!

Make it Instaworthy

Girls’ Getaways

Or guys, or unisex, or whatever, let us help you LEAVE THE GRIND BEHIND with your besties.


Rich in History

The Motel and Stratton Falls and the Town of Roxbury all have a heapin’ helpin’ of rich history.

Find out why!

What Everybody’s Saying