Tower Cottages

Starting at $693
The first Tuesday in April of 2014, the woman who mows the grounds at The Roxbury Motel approached us and told us that she also mowed the grounds for the beautiful white mansion behind the trees two miles down the road from us…

She told us that the owner (who lived in Manhattan) was looking to sell the property and told her that he wanted us to know about it before he put the property on the market. We were not looking nor did we have the funds for buying another property, but we asked: “Is it the mansion next to the beautiful waterfall?” “Yes,” she said. “Does the property include the waterfall,” we asked? “I’m not sure,” she said, “but he will be here this weekend and wants to give you a tour if you are interested…”

The day of that tour marked what we now consider our five-year journey to dream, design, finance, construct, and bring you The Roxbury at Stratton Falls. At the very same exact moment during the tour we looked at each other and both of us knew what the other was thinking. The moment when we turned a corner and the roaring waterfall appeared before us, we knew that our lives had just changed forever.

And it was also at that moment that we both felt the magic. After the tour I said to Joseph, “if faeries are real, then there must be some of them living in that gorge that leads you to Stratton Falls.” And Joseph said, “I can’t believe you just said that, I was just thinking the same thing!”

And it was at that moment that the concept for the Tower Cottages for The Roxbury at Stratton Falls was born. Not only did we want them to be full of magic and fantasy, we wanted them to be lodging units unlike any others in the world. We wanted them to be lodging units that transport you to a different place. We wanted them to be, well… a fairy tale.

And we wanted both the interior and exterior experience of each cottage to transport you into a realm of total-immersion-into-the-fantasy design. We call them “tower cottages” because each one of the units features soaring ceiling heights in at least one of its rooms. From a visual perspective, there are 5 buildings, but three of the buildings are duplexes comprised of two units. Because they are all so different from each other, we encourage you to delve into the more detailed descriptions in each individual cottage page, but common features throughout include:

  • Two bedrooms, each with their own privately-accessed bathroom. One bathroom with a tub and shower and one bathroom with a large walk-in shower
  • Two stories connected by either spiral or grand winding staircases
  • Common living area with comfy sleeper sofa increasing possible total occupancy to six. This area also has its own door into the downstairs bathroom enabling guests in the downstairs bedroom and living area to have separate private entrances to the downstairs bathroom.
  • Screened in back-porches off downstairs bedroom with outdoor dining tables
  • Sun balconies off upstairs bedrooms with chaise lounges
  • Beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the Stratton Falls “village scape”
  • Refreshment stations with full-size refrigerator, microwave and wet bar sink
  • Intricate one-of-a-kind tile work
  • A third level for star and mountain gazing observation decks in some units