Punch List People
During the beginning stages of our soft opening period, we’re offering a “punch list people” discount if you book one of the 7 Tower Cottages Thanksgiving Day, 2019 through January 15th, 2020. You will receive a 25% discount for stays during those dates only while we are still ironing out details. Just use this code at checkout: GIVINGTHANKS. During this period not everything on the property will be fully operational and you might run into Joe covered in spray foam from carving sparkling ice sculptures for The Mill of the Frozen Falls or there might be small details missing from your room because they’ve been on backorder for eons, but 95% of the fun will be there sprinkled with a bit of faerie dust!

So Much More to Come
Eventually, there will be more packages to come, so please forgive us as while are in the preparation stages for the Stratton Falls soft opening. Our main office has the most recent, up-to-date information on booking packages. For inquiries, please call us at (607) 326.7200 and thank you for your patience!!