PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PACKAGE, AND ALL PACKAGES, ARE ON HOLD WHILE WE ARE CLOSED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC DUE TO THE OUTBREAK OF COVID-19. WE WILL RESUME ALL OF OUR SPECIAL OFFERS AS SOON AS WE FEEL IT IS SAFE TO OPEN OUR DOORS AGAIN. EVERYONE PLEASE STAY SAFE! If reality has intruded on your spring and, suddenly, jumping on an airplane and traveling to places unknown seems just like too much of a hassle, we have the perfect getaway for you and your crew… Our private Fantasy Tower Cottages at The Roxbury at Stratton Falls were specifically designed to accommodate groups both large and small. Perfect for you and whoever you want to Spring Break-Away with: Your school BFFs… your Girl’s Getaway Gang… or the whole Fam Damily (yes, we’re family-friendly and family-ready). For the months of March and April, 2020 only, take advantage of 20% off any of our Fantasy Tower Cottages when you book more than one night. Just use code SPRINGBREAKAWAY at check out.


While we’re in our soft opening period at Stratton Falls and still ironing out what all of our packages and specials are going to be, we’re offering a variety of last minute deals limited to only a few days before your arrival. For inquiries and some good rates, please call us at (607) 326-7200 and thank you for your patience!!