Let’s get one thing straight off the bat. The Shimmer Spas at The Roxbury Motel are NOT big full-service spas with separate male and female changing areas and hallways full of multiple treatment rooms with attendants serving you fruit smoothies or gooping them all over your skin. The Shimmer Spas at our motel location are actually comprised of two different areas: The Shimmer Spa South in our main motel buildings where you can go to relax in an intimate 600 sq ft “mini-spa” made of shimmering iridescent mosaic tiles complete with a hot tub, a dry sauna, a fireplace (turned-on upon request), a bathroom, and a wonderful shower made of black river rock that massages your feet while you take a shower. OR indulge yourself at The Shimmer Spa North across the street where you’ll find 1200sf of beautiful spa space including ‘The Green Steam’ (a large steam area made out of 100% recycled green car windshield glass), two completely private treatment rooms including one large enough for a simultaneous couples’ massage, and a whimsically elegant relaxation room library where you can shut out the outside world while lounging in cushy chaises or perusing our generous selection of coffee table books.

Usage of both of the spa facilities is just $20 per person per stay (not per day) and both spa areas are open from 8:00am to 8:00pm. Access to the spas is put onto your room key when you purchase a $20 spa pass and the key will also give you access to the Spa and Seasonal Pool at our Stratton Falls location!

Due to the harsh reality of the COVID-19 pandemic we had to completely revamp the usage of our spa areas. The spa areas remained open, but only because we removed the first-come first-serve policy which did not allow for safety or social-distancing and changed the policy to require the need for booking time-slots for the areas in advance. We also had to suspend our spa treatment services. A lesson the pandemic taught us is that the vast majority of people LIKED the ability to book time slots for the spas because this practice ensures privacy as well as the reassurance that the area is sanitized between each time slot. So even though we hope the roughest days of the pandemic are basically over, due to popular demand we decided to keep the need to book time slots for our spas in advance. We are still working on bringing back spa treatments (e.g. Swedish and deep tissue massage, etc.), but we are having considerable difficulty finding therapists to staff the demand. As soon as we are able to staff the positions, we will make an announcement and provide a spa menu again of treatments available to our guests.

To schedule time slots for the two motel spa locations please read below:

Hot Tub and Dry Sauna: The hot tub and dry sauna room located in The Roxbury South’s Shimmer Spa is available in 45-minute time slots from 8:00am to 8:00pm. We must ask you to be punctual with your departure because our staff comes in to sanitize and clean the area in 15-minute time slots between each usage. Back-to-back time slots cannot be scheduled for the same group unless pre-approved by management. While you are in your time slot, feel free to use the spa phone to call the front office to see if you can stay longer. Multiple time slots are possible throughout the day but depend upon demand. A time slot can be last-minute, so if you see a slot available on the online calendar, feel free to grab it! AND IF YOU CANNOT MAKE YOUR SCHEDULED TIME SLOT WE ASK YOU TO PLEASE PLEASE CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT SO THAT IT FREES UP THE TIME FOR OTHER GUESTS WHO MAY NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SCHEDULE A SLOT! JUST CALL OR STOP BY THE FRONT OFFICE AND WE CAN CANCEL IT FOR YOU.

Steam and Relaxation Room: The large steam room and relaxation room located in The Roxbury Motel’s Shimmer Spa North is available in one and half hour time slots from 8:30am to 4:30pm daily. For those of you who have stayed with us before, you will realize how cool this is due to the beauty and large space of this room! All of the same rules apply for this area as for the hot tub and dry sauna area above.  Please note that the treatment rooms are off-limits, but the beautiful relaxation area and steam room and showers you and the people traveling with you will have all to yourself!