Our Licensed Massage Therapists offer treatments that help our stressed-out, maxed-out bodies reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, stimulate circulation of body fluids, and increase our deteriorating range of motion.

The Shimmer Spa at The Roxbury Motel has locations in both The Roxbury North and The Roxbury South. A spa pass ($20 per person per stay) gives you access to both locations from 8am until 8pm. The Shimmer Spa North has a large reading library and relaxation area, two treatment rooms, a large steam room and lockers. The Shimmer Spa South has a hot tub and dry sauna. We encourage you to “spa hop” while you’re here and get the most out of both locations. If you choose to receive a spa treatment you may use the spa features immediately before or after your treatment.

The Crooked Cabana Spa at The Roxbury at Stratton Falls offers all of the above in one easy-to-find (albeit, crooked!) location. Soak in the deeper-than-average hot tub, relax in the lobby while you wait for your luxurious hot-stone massage treatment with a cup of organic cardamom tea or sweat your troubles away in our dry sauna or steam room. Because we believe SO much in helping you relax, the spa passes remain $20 per person per stay as always.

Swedish Massage $115-55 min/$170-85 min

A full body relaxation massage to enhance circulation, relieve muscle tension & increase flexibility. Long gliding strokes & warm oil help your mind & body to rest & release.

Deep Tissue Massage $130-55 min/$190-85 min

Various techniques are used to access deeper tissues and target specific muscle groups, fascia and tendons to aid in recovery from injury, maintain health from everyday overuse and target “knots” and other imbalances. A perfect choice if you have a problem area or two that requires detailed attention.

Reflexology $130-55 min/$190-85 min

Based on the theory of zones and areas of the feet and hands that correspond with organs, glands and areas of the body as a whole, reflexology works to promote health throughout the entire body as well as clears energetic pathways. Our Reflexology massage includes a relaxing Swedish massage with special time and attention focused on the zones and corresponding areas of the feet, hands and scalp.

Hot Stone Therapy $145-55 min/$215-85 min

The warmth of the stones not only feels luxurious, but aids in melting your tension away and promoting relaxation. The heat allows your Massage Therapist to work deeper and more efficiently by increasing local circulation and easing discomfort in your muscles and other tissues.

Couples Teaching Massage $230-2 hours

You and your partner receive a Swedish massage one after the other with a Massage Therapist teaching you how to give your partner’s body exactly what it needs. The session is completely tailored to the needs and the expectations of each couple. A great way to get some foundational skills to use at home together.

Simultaneous Couples Massage
$230-55 min/$340-85 min

You and your partner enjoy a relaxing massage together in the same room with 2 Massage Therapists. The price is based on Simultaneous Swedish massages but we can accommodate any 2 types of treatments you like. Please specify which type of treatment you would each prefer when booking.

Saltglow $145-55 min

A Salt Glow is more of a skin treatment than a massage but many find the sessions relaxing and rejuvenating. A blend of Himalayan sea salt crystals & healing oils are applied while our practitioner “scrubs” your body to remove dead skin cells and other impurities. You will then shower off your salt blend and finish your session with locally-made & super-nourishing body butter massaged into your freshly scrubbed skin. A wonderful treat to reveal a newer, softer you.

Only available at The Roxbury Motel location.

Aromatherapy- Add to any treatment for $15

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from various plants that have unique therapeutic properties. The oils are taken in through inhalation or skin absorption during your massage. Aromatherapy amplifies your massage benefits by providing additional healing properties. Be sure to let your Massage Therapist know if you have any known allergies or sensitivities.

We strongly suggest booking treatments as far in advance as possible—especially for simultaneous treatments. Time slots fill up quickly and we cannot always guarantee they will be available if you do not book prior to your stay.

The above rates do not include gratuity.