The Superhero Incognito

Room 37

Let’s face it, superheros need their space too. All of that time spent saving humanity is exhausting and when you’re in full costumed regalia in public, your hands start to go numb from signing autographs and your mouth starts to ache from smiling so much for all the group selfie requests. Our superhero came to us and asked us if we could build her a weekend cottage not far from the world’s greatest metropolis where she could remain incognito for a few days and get some rest. She was very specific in her request for something quaint on the outside but very modern and sleek on the inside. Oh, and she needed a place to park her invisible plane…

After we discovered that Roy Lichtenstein was her favorite artist, the design of the cottage fell into place quite easily. We are not able to reveal her identity, but we can tell you that one of her main powers is her ability to transform into all races and all body types and she frequently tells us that all people of all shapes and sizes and colors are superheros in their own way – they just don’t realize it.

In addition to its sleek modern art-gallery-esque decor, this cottage features:

Rate Range: $612 – $850