The Pampered Postmaster

Room 33

Inspired by one of the many occupations of Ira Hicks, the man who built the mansion in 1848, the Pampered Postmaster pays homage to Mr. Hicks’ service as postmaster for the Roxbury/Stratton area for many years and his post office/general store at the top of the waterfall. Was he pampered? We don’t know, but he certainly built one of the grandest homes in the area at the time and there are many records of his business dealings up until the 1880’s. We like to think of him as a forward-thinking bon vivant who spoiled himself a bit with luxury, so we designed this room with him in mind. It is the only room in the mansion with its own private balcony and the only room at the entire resort with an outdoor (seasonal) shower!

Located on the second floor of the mansion, features of the room include:

Rate Range: $306 – $468