Terrazza of the Titans

Room 39

Picture yourself a God. A Greek God. And you’re out on the open air terrazza (Italian for terrace) of your palatial temple in the sky. Perhaps you’re sipping a glass of nectar and popping pealed grapes while you gaze up past the high walls of white carrara marble and into the open heavens above you. Your silly relatives and in-laws, the other Greek Gods, always seem to be putting on some sort of show amidst the clouds that surround you. Today they are bickering about something that seems very important to them and it has escalated into getting Zeus involved. As you peal another grape, you must decide if you are going to get sucked into the escalating tensions and fly up into the battle or just let them fight it out.

It is difficult to do justice in a photo or video to the brilliant michelangelesque mural created for this cottage by Wish Unlimited. Encompassing the entire great room ceiling, the mural depicts warring factions of Greek Gods and is intended to transport you into a realm of classicism, of elegance, and interestingly – of clarity. Boasting a slightly larger floor plan, this is the only cottage with an interior hallway leading to a second door onto the lower level screened-in porch. Truth be told, the real inspiration for this cottage was our fascination with the original 1981 film Clash of the Titans. Many elements of the film served as the inspiration for its artwork and decor. We want you to feel your supernatural powers while staying in this cottage. We want you to feel, well, like a God.

Features of this cottage include:

Rate Range: $612 – $850