Melt With You

Room 11

Melt with You has two separate bedrooms (one king and one queen) and a sitting room. This suite is more “traditional elegance meets contemporary design.” Did we plan that? Nah, it just happened. One journalist called the orange bedroom “haremesque,” but that was before we created the Genie Bottle suite. Little did they know!

The entry staircase is a work of art in and of itself. We call it MELT WITH YOU (after our favorite hit 80’s song) because the whole stairway was made to look as if many pieces of genuine copper antiques are melting into walls made of molten sparkling raw copper. Hard to explain. You just have to see it to understand it. It’s sentimental for us because all of the copper came from the childhood home of one of the owners. It was his mothers’ collection and he could not bear to sell it when she could no longer stay in her house, so it was used to create the “crown jewel” of this suite.

Rate Range: $266 – $381