Genie’s Bottle

Room 18

At some point in your childhood you must have fantasized about what it would be like to be inside a genie bottle. We know we did, and talk about fulfilling a childhood fantasy! Oh yes, Master! It took six months to create this perfectly spherical bathroom made of marble dust and glitter glass mosaic tiles sloping up to the “mouth” of the bottle that is a solar tube cutting through the roof of the building. Sip a cocktail while luxuriating in your 70-gallon Japanese soaking tub and watching television in the built-in viewing chamber. Genie’s bathroom was also filmed for television by the TLC Network for their special called “Insane Bathrooms.”

Lounge around like a member of a harem on the matching pink cheetah and shimmery silver sofas in this 800 sq ft suite with two separate queen-size bedrooms, the genie bottle bathroom, a separate half bath, a dining and kitchen area, and lovely mountain and garden views out of the windows. One of the couches is a sofabed making the suite comfortable for six guests, or rent the adjoining suite, George’s Spacepad, and you get the entire floor for your group of 8-10. The balcony outside the suite gives you direct access to The Roxbury’s upper deck and glass firepit.

Rate Range: $378 – $572