Dracula’s Fangs

Room 41

The genre of vampire fantasy in the past few decades has evolved to include vampires that are also part apocalyptic zombie, vampires that are also part werewolf, vampires that are also part alien, vampires that are also part robot, vampires that can function in daylight, and on and on. We will have none of that. To us, there is only one ultimate vampire and that is the one not only inspired by Bram Stoker’s classic 1897 gothic horror novel, but also inspired by the original Hollywood Bela Lugosi classic interpretation of that novel. He is smart and alluring and elegant and classy and downright sexy in a subtly sinister way. When you’re with him, you cannot take your eyes off of him and that is not just because he has put a trance on you, it’s because there is just SOMETHING about him that is, well, fiendishly fabulous.

And that is exactly what we wanted this cottage to be: fiendishly fabulous in an elegant yet subtly sinister kind of way. When you rent this cottage, we think one of you should arrive first prior to the other guests and be waiting at the top landing of the grand staircase so that you can greet your friends and family with outstretched arms and say, “I am…. Dracula… Welcome to my home.” Then walk over to the second level’s throne chamber with its enormous carved mahogany chair and allow your guests to come greet you at the chair and kiss your vampire ring…

Okay, enough of the fantasy, but hopefully you get the point. This cottage also features a master bedroom with the most towering ceiling of any other at Stratton Falls. Inspired by the groin vault scenes in the Bela Lugosi Dracula classic that must have influenced so many other art directors of vampire films, we wanted this bedroom experience to be the ultimate in sinister gothic elegance. But do not feel that guests of the downstairs bedroom will feel shortchanged in any way. Au contraire. With its brass wall railings, cushioned walls, and red velvet blackout curtains, let’s just say Dracula has tricked you into sleeping in his, well, coffin… This cottage is also one-half of the only duplex building with interior adjoining doors into its neighboring cottage – Crown of the Pendragons. We built it this way so that your group of up to 10 people can book the entire castle. Other features of this cottage include:

Rate Range: $612 – $850