Cinderella’s Gown

Room 42

There are many naysayers out there who poo poo the Cinderella story. Life is not always a fairy tale, we don’t always get our prince, why should we need a prince for happiness anyway, and royal families are a waste of taxpayers’ money. All of the above is possibly true. Yet for some reason, the Cinderella story in all of its iterations still resonates in most of us – female or male. There is just something about it. Even composing this content right now to describe it, it brings tears to my eyes. So, yes, life is NOT always a fairy tale, but isn’t that all the more reason why it might be nice to escape into a fairy tale for a weekend or even one night? To recapture that ability we had as kids to say “hey, let’s pretend…” and then really believe the scenario while pretending?

If we had the ability, we would give you a fairy godmother during your stay who would wave a wand and magically adorn you in a resplendent outfit. But because we can’t do that, we came up with the idea to give you a cottage with other features to help you live the fairy tale. And there are two of them that we call the “crown jewels” of this cottage experience: 1) an enormous 18′ ball gown that serves as the bed canopy for the downstairs bedroom and, 2) an enormous pumpkin morphing into a golden carriage that serves as the entire bathroom in the upstairs bedroom. All of the rooms of the cottage are designed to evoke the feeling of a 17th century European cottage of the lesser aristocracy and it’s important to note that all of the many beams throughout the cottage are the original 1848 beams re-purposed from the renovation of the Stratton Mansion. Other features of this cottage include:

Rate Range: $612 – $850