Blanket packages refer to packages that apply to either one of our two locations. In other words, they’re good EVERYWHERE. Like a warm blanket, we want our blanket packages to make you feel all warm and cuddly and comfortable inside.


If you are currently serving our country in the military, then we would like to show our gratitude. A 15% active duty military discount applies to all rooms, all locations, all times. Please note, however, the discount cannot be combined with other special offers or discounts.


Celebrating a special occasion or just need to unwind after hours of driving? Well, every room has a bottle a red, a bottle a white (it all depends upon your appetite…) waiting in the room for ya, as well as a split of champagne. If you open it, then it’s just $20 charged to your room for the white or red or $10 for the little champagne split. We can also put a full bottle of chilled California Sparkling or Italian Prosecco or Sparkling Rose with crystal champagne flutes in the room ($30). Or upgrade to our signature Champagne from down in France where the alligators dance. ($100)


Only nice wines and delectable cheeses for our wine and cheese platter. We’ve put together an assortment of our three favorite cheeses: Cambozola Blue from Germany, Henri Hutin Brie from France, and a New York State Cheddar made locally. To round off the cheese platter, we throw in some dried fruits & nuts, some crackers, and some shortbread cookies. Compliment the explosion of flavor from the cheeses with a red or white wine and you’ve got the perfect thing for your tummy after a late arrival.
Cheese Platter = $40. Add a bottle of red or white = $60. Add a bottle of chilled bubbly with crystal champagne flutes = $70. Add a bottle of the deal-sealer with some real real Champagne that we like better than Dom or Cristal = $140.