How can you and your team think outside the box when you’re always stuck inside the freakin box? Looking at the same four walls every day or focusing on that weird crusty stain on the itchy burlap material that your cubicle is made out of? What the hell IS that stain anyway? YOU didn’t make that stain. Who the hell has been in your cubicle?? I WANT TO GIT AWAY, I WANT TO GIT AWAY HEY HEY… I WANNA FLY A AWAY YEA. YEA YEA! But you know what? Your small meeting group or executive offsite doesn’t HAVE to fly away to get away somewhere quiet and fun to concentrate and let go. We’re just 2.5 hours driving time from the NYC metro area and 1.25 hours from Albany. Between our two properties we have 43 rooms – many of which are two-bedroom, two bathroom suites. That means we can sleep a group of 70 or so comfortably if everyone wants to have their own bedroom and bathroom. Or if it’s a close knit group where some might be sharing rooms and beds our maximum occupancy between the two properties is around 140.