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In 1790 Joseph and Samuel Stratton, brothers and Revolutionary War soldiers from Connecticut who survived the burning of Fairfield by the British, set out to New York State to start a new life. They were in search of a group of three other pioneers from CT that had journeyed…

a year earlier and made claims in an area called “West Settlement” on the outskirts of the present day Town of Roxbury. Chopping through the brush and trees before them in the forested Catskill Mountain wilderness of the time and carrying their household goods on an ox sled; the brothers discovered a pristine site on a branch of the Delaware River with a large, beautiful, and powerful waterfall. The site became known as Stratton Falls, named after the brothers, and they built a “fulling mill” (woolen mill) just below the falls.

The area became the first thriving settlement of what is now Roxbury, NY and the businesses of the burgeoning village were centered around the waterfall. And the rest, as they say, is history… And it is from that rich history of the site that we derived our inspiration for the themes for the resort’s seven mansion rooms. Inspired by the folklore and the original settlers and businesses of the site, the theme of each mansion room takes you on a journey into, well, our version of the pieces of the history of Stratton Falls.

Because they are all so different from each other, we encourage you to delve into the more detailed descriptions in each of the mansion’s individual seven room pages, but common features throughout include:

  • Ensuite bathrooms. Some with claw foot tubs, some with showers, some with both
  • Refreshment area with dorm-size fridge, microwave, and coffee machine
  • Beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the Stratton Falls “village scape”
  • One-of-a-kind tile and artwork
  • Special features like fireplace or private balcony with outdoor shower in select rooms

Due to the intricate restoration of the 1848 mansion and its interior hallways, children 14 and under are not allowed in the mansion rooms.