Use one for a stay, for some merch, for whatever we sell! We are so very honored that you would choose us as a gift to give to someone else, so we’ll make sure the recipient is pampered, taken care of, and grateful to you for the present! When you purchase a gift certificate online, our reservation system automatically generates a confirmation that is sent to you. However, you can also request our festive signature cardstock printed version with metallic gold envelope to be mailed as well. There is also a printable pdf version of our signature gift certificate that can be emailed. So just let us know what you would like! And, as always, if there are any issues please know that we are here to resolve and help. Just call us at 607.326.7200 between the hours of 8:00am and 8:00pm and we will be at your service!

Or call us at +1.607.326.7200