Enjoy Both Properties

We built The Roxbury at Stratton Falls with the idea that it expands upon and adds to the experience of the existing Roxbury Motel. Hence the idea for “The Roxbury Experience.” It’s kind of like taking everything you learn – the successes and failures – from having your first child and using them to have your second child. And you love them equally yet in different ways. The two properties are so connected that we actually decided to pick up on room numbers for The Roxbury at Stratton Falls where the room numbers at The Roxbury Motel end. So, for instance, we begin the room numbers at Stratton Falls with unit #29 in the Mansion: The Beautiful Blacksmith because we end our room numbers at The Roxbury Motel with unit #28: The Archaeologist’s Digs.

Over the years, to keep the rates affordable at The Roxbury Motel we have charged an extra $20 per person per entire stay (not per day as many resorts do) for usage of the spa areas. When guests purchase a spa pass, then they also receive spa robes and slippers. We have not incorporated the cost of the upkeep, maintenance, and staffing of the spa areas into our room rates because not everyone wants to use the spa.

We decided to use this same concept for the pricing at The Roxbury at Stratton Falls. Because of the significant expense for the upkeep, heating, and maintenance of the Stratton Falls pool and spa and because we don’t want to incorporate those costs into the room rates, guests at that location have access to the Crooked Cabana spa and pool area for only $20 per person per stay. And a perk for BOTH locations is your $20 “spa and pool pass” gives you access to all spas AND the Stratton Falls pool no matter what location you have booked! In addition, guests of both locations have access to the waterfall and trail system at any time and with no “grounds” or “resort” fees like many hotels charge.