Best Practices for both locations of The Roxbury, Contemporary Catskill Lodging

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Dearest Guests:

We were so grateful when the day came last June to welcome all of you back to The Roxbury’s two locations after being shut down for so many weeks. It has been a gut-wrenching time for us, but we know not any more so than what you and, well, the whole world has gone through. We spent much of our time away from you researching all possible ways that we could ensure the safety of our two main priorities: our employees and our guests. We have always had high standards for cleanliness and have upheld industry standard best practices that include wiping and disinfecting every surface after every guest room stay and frequent sanitation of all common areas throughout our facilities.

However, due to the harsh reality of the COVID-19 epidemic we have now added even more stringent cleaning best practices, new “contactless” policies and procedures for guest stays, and new methods of ensuring safety throughout our buildings. We want you to BE safe, FEEL safe, and KNOW your safety is so very very important to us. We hope that you understand that, like you, we have never been through anything like this before and we learn more and more each day about this moving target. But for what we DO know, we are doing our best to control a difficult situation for all of us and make it as safe as possible for everyone. Therefore, we would like to share with you the following bullet points that outline our COVID-19 best practices and guest stay guidelines.

And now for some FUN STUFF (cause not EVERYTHING should be so somber!)

If you really read all of that, we are impressed. But we hope you did because we want you to know how very seriously we are taking this new world we all live in. Notice we refrained from using words like “the new normal” or “unprecedented.” Oh my goodness how we’ve grown to dislike those words!

But we love our guests. Without you, we’re nothing. And we cannot wait to see you again soon or meet you for the first time and do some really good quality social distancing together. Here’s to better times for all of us. Cheers!

Warm Regards,

Greg & Joe

P.S. The New York State Hospitality and Tourism Association and the State of New York recommend that all entities conducting business during the coronavirus pandemic issue a General Liability Statement. We hate using legalese, but we feel that issuing this statement is something we must do. Using their recommended template, following please find the General Liability Statement of Masserson Properties, Inc:

The Roxbury Motel and The Roxbury at Stratton Falls are absolved of all liability for anyone infected with coronavirus during their stay. By staying at The Roxbury Motel or The Roxbury at Stratton Falls, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. We will take all measures necessary to keep our property as safe and comfortable as possible for our guests amid the coronavirus pandemic, but please understand that there is a shared responsibility between guests and The Roxbury Motel and The Roxbury at Stratton Falls.