Are you a wine person or a beer person?
Sipper or a chugger? Sniffer or savorer?
Cocktails or neat or straight-up?

Doesn’t matter because we’ve gotcha covered.

We’ve put some of our absolute fave wine, beer, and bubbly selections in your room and in the fridge. If you open a bottle, the cost will be added to your room charge. And if there is something else you would prefer, check out our selections below or just ask in case we have some new deliveries!

And please remember you must be 21-years-old or older to partake!

Wine, Beer, & Sparkling

White Wines

Sauvignon Blanc, Dreaming Tree, Sonoma: $20/bottle

Pinot Grigio, Francis Coppola Emerald Label, Sonoma: $20/bottle

Chardonnay: Dearly Beloved, North Coast, California $20/bottle

Riesling, Relax, Germany: $20 bottle

Red Wines

Pinot Noir, Dreaming Tree, Sonoma: $20 bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon: Genesis, Columbia Valley: $20 bottle

Merlot, Paso Creek, Central Coast California: $20 bottle

Blend: Insomnia, California: $20/bottle


Pomelo, California: $20/bottle

DaLuca, Sparkling, Veneto, Northern Italy: $30/bottle


California Sparkling, Francis Coppola “Sofia,” California: $30/bottle

Prosecco, Bocelli, Tuscany, Italy: $30/bottle

Sparkling Rosé, DaLuca, Veneto, Northern Italy: $20/bottle

Champagne, Beau Joie, Champagne Appellation, France: $85/bottle

Split of Prosecco, Mionetto, Treviso, Italy: $10/split


Stella Artois, $4/can

Corona Extra, $4/can

Magic Hat #9, $4/can

Catskill Brewery Craft Beer, $5/can $17/4-pack

Bud Light, $3/can


At our Stratton Falls location, we have a full liquor license, so you can order a cocktail anytime during the hours of 8:00am to 8:00pm! Because the full liquor license is for the Stratton Falls location (the motel has a wine and beer license only), guests of the motel can go to the Stratton location for a cocktail. The interior bar area itself is currently closed but guests can either order at the Stratton front desk or, when the seasonal pool is open, order a cocktail from the pool attendant.

Cool Cocktails

On the Rocks brand cocktails: $10/can

Kahlua brand cocktails: $10/can

Jim Beam brand cocktails: $10/can

Sexy Spiked Vodka Seltzers

Absolut Brand Sparkling Vodka Seltzers: $6/can

Tantalizing Tequila Seltzers

Sauza Silver Tequila Brand Sparkling Tequilas: $6/can

None of the above appeal to you? Never fear! If we’ve got the ingredients, we’ll make it for you! Just tell us what you want!